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Chairman Since the establishment of the Union in the early 1970s the formation of the United Arab Emirates, under the wise guidance of the ruling Sheiks, the country has experienced unprecedented growth and Technological advancement which has benefited all the citizens across the nation. This development, originally only a dream , has been made possible by the hard work and entrepreneurial skill of the local business community which has recognized and fulfilled the needs of country seeking future growth.

With the need of continued improvement in the fields of Infrastructure and industry and taking into account the social and environmental impact of such projects on the nations ad its citizens, it was recognized that the needs for services of a company offering cutting edge technology in the fields of Control and Automation and Electro-Mechanical work was essential.

Torque was established in 2006 to provide its discerning clients, be they Governmental or Private Sector, a level of professionalism and reliability previously unavailable in its sphere of operation. Since its inception Torque has established itself as a market leader providing unparalleled levels of service and reliability in the field of Control and Automation and Electro mechanical Works.

We can be truly proud of the projects completed since the establishment of Torque and look forward to providing future generations with standards in the areas of infrastructure and industry which enhance the country’s standing as an environmentally aware progressive nation.

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