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Within the Torque organisation our operational capabilities span the design, manufacture, installation, test, commissioning and whole life after sales support of electrical systems. We tightly integrate and control all the key facets within the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and systems integration to ensure that we have all the required skills and expertise we need under one roof to develop control and automation systems that offer, right first time design, reduced capital and operational costs, consistent high quality product and design, guaranteed compliance with safety regulations and requirements, improved product reliability, reduced maintenance costs and guaranteed on-time delivery

Torque has both an extensive and varied depth of capabilities within the company’s in-house resources. With our expertise within the District Cooling, Water and Waste Water industries and our proven track record in delivering innovative state of the art systems that meet and exceed our client’s expectations and requirements, Torque is the ideal business partner for managing change.

No project is too large or too small for Torque to undertake. Torque has the scope and capability to bring to our discerning customers all the benefits of our innovative approach to anything from a single control panel to a fully integrated turnkey solution. As our customers’ requirements have evolved, so too has Torque moved to meet those needs by expanding our existing base resources, expertise and skill sets by acquiring and developing our engineering resources’ and capabilities.

Today Torque continually challenges accepted thinking, traditional designs and conventional methods of working to ensure that continuous improvement becomes a normal procedure. We constantly review new technologies as they are introduced onto the market, assessing how they can be best used to improve control and the ability to gather, store and manage critical information. This information can be used to directly influence a business and its ability to optimise and manage assets under its control.

Toque recognises and acknowledges that our customers face pressures not only to implement the best systems available, but to do so within optimal timescales. To facilitate these seemingly conflicting requirements Torque has invested in the latest engineering technologies which enables us to utilise standardised design to speed project changes, using advanced software that reduces engineering time, and implementing flexible manufacturing procedures and standards that reduce assembly time. By adopting these procedures we can ensure short delivery times for standard designs, with guaranteed delivery dates for even the most complex of projects. Torque offers quality assured manufacturing, certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Torque is both experienced and adept in the manufacture of control panels, Distribution Switchgear, MCCs and intelligent MCCs of all types’ sizes and configurations that don’t simply meet customer requirements, but also add value to help companies run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. All switchgear and MCCs are manufactured and tested to and in accordance with the latest IEC and international standards. With bus bar systems up 7000 amps we can offer both Type Tested Assemblies (TTA) and Partially Type Tested Assemblies (PTA) conforming to IEC 61439 we can offer a divers range of product both standard and custom-designed. All control panels are built to the highest quality, in accordance with the latest industry standards as detailed above. With Siemens as our technology partner we lead the field in the design of LV switchgear, MCCs and, intelligent MCCs, taking advantage of the power and facilities of emerging control technologies. Our intelligent MCCs offer shorter installation periods, greater levels of control, increased flexibility, and easy access to high levels of diagnostic information all of which can be made available for preventive maintenance purposes. These intelligent systems can also provide answers to questions such as; What tripped when? Why did fault occur? How many equipment failures have there been this year? Were the failures preventable? What has been the availability of this system over the past year, or five years, or even ten years? How efficient is the system under actual service conditions? Being able to answer such a divers range questions as these we can quickly highlight problems within client’s assets base and infrastructure that might otherwise stay hidden, so helping you to boost efficiencies and reduce ongoing operational costs.

Meeting the needs of our customers does not start or end with the design and manufacture of control panels. It begins with a thorough understanding of how our customers work, the challenges they face, this understanding also extends to encompass not just panel manufacture and installation, but also the full systems integration required to ensure project success. Only a company adept in the multiple disciplines of electrical, mechanical and software engineering can offer the full benefits of true integration between discrete control products, I/O, panels, SCADA, DCS systems, and the wider business enterprise. Torque offers all of these capabilities and more to assist our discerning customer base in meeting the challenges of providing effective district cooling, water and waste water services in the 21st century.

Torque fully recognises that the effective integration of systems is about much more than simply bringing component and subsystems together but also by ensuring that they function together correctly as required. With Torque’s in house integration capabilities, we are able deliver systems which, harness all the available data and translates that data into a seamless flow of meaningful information to provide a clear window into the processes employed. Torque addresses these needs at the design stage, again at the installation stage, and then again on through the lifecycle of the system and its individual components. Our services extend to include, Control systems integration, Telemetry, Instrumentation, Networking, SCADA, Redundancy requirements and Secure site monitoring

Torque is able to integrate the full range of control products and systems, to make a wide range of information available to higher level systems, thus making it easy to act on that information to keep the process running smoothly. We are expert at implementing telemetry, instrumentation systems and SCADA to monitor and control critical processes, all within a networked control environment. And with strategic partnerships with such companies as Rockwell and Siemens, we ensure that we are fully up to date with the latest equipments and software, thus ensuring that our customers are provided with state of the art systems and equipment.

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