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Within the Torque organisation our operational capabilities span the design, manufacture, installation, test, commissioning and whole life after sales support of electrical systems. We tightly integrate and control all the key facets within the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and systems integration to ensure that we have all the required skills and expertise we need under one roof to develop control and automation systems that offer, right first time design, reduced capital and operational costs, consistent high quality product and design, guaranteed compliance with safety regulations and requirements, improved product reliability, reduced maintenance costs and guaranteed on-time delivery. >> more

Electromechanical Contracting

Torque is a qualified electromechanical contractor with extensive and prestigious references for implemented projects in the UAE in both commercial and residential buildings and Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.

Torque strength is obvious in the special application fields like the Ferreri welcome pavilion project at Yas Island, where complete design, build, install

Automation Systems

Automation today is taking big strides forward due to rapid advances in computing Technology. Computers are expediting all aspects of the automation process from design and communication and to the implementation of complicated algorithms. Automation is about tailoring and integrating a diversity of Technologies for the autonomous operations, and automation engineering is about empowering, the smooth, effective, reliable and optimal running of individual components and the integrated system.

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Supervisory Control (SCADA)
Distributed Control System. (DCS)
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Programmable Logic Controllers. (PLC)
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Water & Waste Wates
Power Sector
District Cooling
Electromechanical Contracting

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